Payment and delivery

Terms of kittens canadian sphynx sale:

Kittens are sold on the basis of a contract of sale after they are 4 months old. Until that time, they can be reserved by paying a deposit of 50% of the cost of a kitten. After that, the kitten is placed in reserve and removed from sale.

Kittens move to a new home neutered.

In the conditions of an altered reality, payment to Russia can be made as follows:

make a payment to a bank account (SWIFT) several banks are still working.

alternative methods in a private message.

Delivery is possible in the cabin of the aircraft or cargo (the kitten flies alone).

We still deliver kittens to different countries except Australia and Norway. The list of countries is constantly changing.

Important to remember! If after paying the deposit for a reserve of a kitten, you for some reason have changed your mind about buying a kitten, the paid amount is not refundable.

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