New litters kittens bambino



5 kittens were born in our cattery on November 21. all kittens are already booked. On December 12, two litters of kittens were born in the cattery from a pair of Bambino Afrodita & Sphynx Adamas, 5 kittens were born – a female bambino, a male bambino, two bambino females with long legs and one male with long legs. From the second pair of Sphynx Barbara & Bambino Perseus 4 kittens were born – 3 bambino males and one bambino long legs male.


How to reserve a kitten? please write me a personal message (WhatsApp +79511647700) from which city you are. This information is necessary for me to calculate the cost and possibility of delivery to your city. After you make your choice, we conclude a contract where the basic terms of delivery and payment will be spelled out. Average price for a sphinx is $ 2000, for a bambino $ 3000, including delivery. I accept a deposit of $ 500-1000 on Western Union or Bank account. Updated photos and videos every 10-14 days or at the request of the buyer. I would be glad if you like our kittens ❤️🌹🤗


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