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Sphynx female. Cattery Big Adamas

Sphynx female. Cattery Big Adamas

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Hello everyone! I am Natalya Berezovskaya, breeder of Canadian Sphynx and Bambino kittens. Cattery Big Adamas. There are only three Sphynx females left in the Big Adamas cattery. Hurry up to make your choice

Delivery is possible to different countries of the world. Therefore for details please write to me in private messages.

To travel, a kitten must have a veterinary passport, two vaccines against viral diseases, one vaccine against rabies and a microchip. A health certificate is issued by a veterinarian 24 hours before the flight. Delivery to some countries is possible only after the age of 7-10 months. Write to me if you are interested to know how to safely get a kitten from Russia. Therefore visit my facebook group - Sphynx for You Verified 100%


For those who do not want to wait so long, we offer kittens from our partners' catteries. I trust these breeders. Because I bought kittens from them myself. All kittens are healthy, have all vaccines and microchips, and will be neutered before moving to a new home. I also ask you to be vigilant, choose carefully, ask a lot of questions and do not hesitate to ask for a live video call. I wish everyone to find the kitten of their dreams.

Стоимость доставки уточняйте по WhatsApp +7 951 164 7700 или используйте кнопку Телефон on the screen. Also you can use th контактную форму .

For your convenience, use the search filter. For example, you can choose a sphinx cattery. kitten color . Also choose a Sphynx or Bambino kitten breed if available.