My instagram @sphynx_cattery was blocked. I contacted support, but so far no results. My real two additional instagram accounts – @cattery_sphynx and @sphynxcattery_bigadamas! Everyone else impersonating me – is a scammer. Be careful! Just ask for a real-time video call. Ask a lot of questions. Be safe.

Available kittens


On June 12, three charming sphinxes were born in the cattery. For details, write to personal messages WhatsApp +79511647700.Remember to be careful when shopping online. Always ask for a live video call and read reviews and recommendations. What is the adoption process? Kittens are usually reserved at an early age. deposit 30%-50% of the cost. …

ATTENTION!!! Scammers!

ATTENTION!!! Scammers!

ATTENTION!!! SPHYNX SCAMMERS! site is a scam site. They stole my logo and made a clone of my site. Be careful. Request a video call in real time. Attention! In order not to be deceived when buying a kitten, carefully study the site, ask for a video and photo. Request a video call in …

New litter bambino kittens for sale


Hello everyone. On May 19, 2021, 4 males and 2 females bambino kittens were born in the Big Adamas cattery. mom bambino Aphrodite Amadeus Star dad sphinx Adamas Big Adamas. We deliver to different countries of the world. please write to me for info at WhatsApp +79511647700. Average cost of bambino kittens including delivery costs …